In the age of technology, one of the strongest sources of business is the internet. A large amount of people regularly goes online, checking news sites, posting on social media and a variety of other digital activities. Online advertising is a growing method of drawing attention to products and services due to the likelihood of users taking notice and the ease of a single click.

Online advertising can be especially helpful when working on marketing for small business, as it can be quite cost effective in comparison to more traditional ways. To get you started, here are some advertising ideas and tips.

Use Effective Hashtags

Adding hashtags in general is a good social media practice, but keep an eye on popular ones that will likely get more attention. Become a part of the social media community by using weekly themed hashtags such as #MondayMotivation and #TGIF.


When coming up with advertising ideas for small businesses, creating a contest can seem to be a hefty task. However, online contests are much easier to host and can cause a great deal of traffic from spreading if it encourages retweets on Twitter, image posts on Instagram, etc.

Advertise With Humor, Pop Culture, and Memes

When coming up with advertising ideas, a good way to catch someone’s attention is to amuse them. Making people laugh can encourage people to click and share, so don’t be too serious. Also, using memes and other popular images and trends can keep you current and help you remain comfortably within the online community.

Include Imagery

It’s very easy to scroll past a bunch of text without paying it any mind. However, adding interesting images and visualizations to anything you put online is more likely to draw mindfulness. In social media posts, be sure to include an attached image when trying advertising ideas or even making a simple post. This way, you’ll stand out among the extensive text feed.

Add Motion With Videos

Similar to adding images, motion can be an excellent method to garnering attention. You can use live action clips, animated graphics or text, and/or music to keep someone watching. Use videos to bring attention to specific services, contests or any number of things within your business.

Make a List

If you do want to have a good deal of text, it’s good to break it up into something easy to scan over. This is when using a list is a great advertising idea, as reading each individual list item header is much easier than making your way through a block of text. Each item can also include a visual element, such as a photograph or graphic related to it.

Design Infographics

This is another way to keep a good deal of text interesting. Using infographics is a way to show off important information using interesting graphics that make it quicker and easier to understand.

These are just a few of many helpful and creative advertising ideas that can be used online without breaking the bank. It’s important to try out a variety of interesting methods to grab people’s attention in order to make good use out of the internet for your small business. Online services can also help with organizing and managing some of these types of advertisements, making it easy and profitable.