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We humanize technology

When you hear or read the word “technology,” what do you imagine? A survey we conducted in Miami helped us to conceptualize a campaign for Proatechs, an authorized Apple provider that also repairs their devices.

What did people say? The majority of respondents identified with the following assessment: “Technology is part of everyday life.”

Starting from there, the team devised images and communication, essential elements for any brand or company.

`` We set ourselves the task of finding out how Proatechs would project a digestible message for its audience ``

—Alicia, Creative Team

When our creative team member Alice told us this, we immediately thought that we should forget about any overly technical approach, because technology is supposed to be available to everyone. Therefore, humanizing it was the correct answer.

There are many types of “needs”

The Maslow pyramid is understood as a theory of motivation that seeks to explain the whys of our behavior. The case of being needed help us to understand the broad concept of needs.

Society and our body drive us; they influence us. Society also develops thanks to the contribution of each individual. We believe that a balance between both paradigms can help us see further.

And this campaign was no exception. Therefore, we mixe symbols and signs that reflect physiological and psychosocial needs. Some examples of pieces that we created for social media explain it better:

An energizing drink is an image we used as a metaphor to talk indirectly about one of the services of Proatechs: repair of Apple devices.

We used an image of the drink, taking into account its popularity, because in 2017 the consumption trend of this product increased considerably. We take one of the needs, the social, to create content.

Obviously, Proatechs does not sell energy drinks. That’s when we involve your DNA as a company to communicate. The copy for that image was: “For faster and stronger system performance.”

It was not necessary to say: “we repair your Apple devices.” We got this message across, but with style. The same happened with other messages related to the different needs of this psychological theory.

Our team believes in research as a source that helps us find useful answers, not only for a marketing strategy but for life in general!

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