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Leche pal pelo – eCommerce

We focus on the added value

A brand like Leche Pal Pelo, from Colombia, lends itself to planning strategies that offer added value. Why? Because they sell a high demand product.
The market research company Euromonitor determined that the shampoo market in Colombia billed more than 462 million pesos ($143,989.83) during 2018.

This is the product that the brand offers to the public in Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the United States. Thanks to its ability to export, the finance department achieved some objectives, Generating engagement through a presence in the web environment were some of those goals that we met.

“To generate engagement, it is necessary to give something to the users in the altruistic sense.”

—Luana, Creative Team.

The first step was to develop a landing page that obtained leads from the leading search engine of the digital world: Google due to high search volumes.

The need is satisfied thanks to the “good gesture” of Leche Pal Pelo. We conducted a survey on behalf of the agency with a group of people who usually buy shampoo, about what they would like to receive in their email.

The majority claimed to want a kind of manual that explained how to prepare a natural mask. The light bulb went on immediately! “Let’make an ebook,” we said during our usual and
frequent brainstorming.

A grateful community

We obtained more than 500 downloads as the sum of all the markets. Through automation, we achieved a successful conversion funnel since those who downloaded the ebook received a coupon for an immediate purchase on the E-commerce platform. This was a successful launch strategy for the online store!

After sending out the material, we showed considerable growth thanks not to the numbers of followers but to the interaction in social networks. After the campaign, the community continued to demonstrate its ommitment to the brand, thanking them through comments and shared publications.

E-Commerce multimedia

We took advantage of this volume to offer ease: an online store where you could pay for any of the shampoo lines, with Leche Pal Pelo in charge of shipment.

With a presence in five countries, each with an inventory of different products, we developed a multi-site infrastructure in WordPress that allowed the managing of web pages for each country from the same panel and centralizing the management of templates and plugins . This allow us to save a lot of management time in the future.

On the other hand, we configured the e-commerce module of WordPress with Google Analytics so that they could measure all the transactions and correctly attribute the acquisition channels.

We also took care of configuring Facebook for WooCommerce to synchronize the store on Facebook and generate the catalog of products thus making it able to carry out shopping campaigns. This made an excellent opportunity to put tagged products on Instagram, another sales channel for the brand.

A healthy relationship!

After this contact, we found that the relationship between the brand and the public became more standard healthy and stable. Yay!

Leche Pal Pelo Multisite = One install, many sites

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