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English Spot

No goal is impossible to achieve!

English Spot is a school in Miami that teaches English through its own methodology that involves Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

The mission and vision of the brand have potential because the world of coaching continues to be a trend in the United States, precisely NLP is one of the teachings on the part of those who dedicate themselves to this trade.

Peculiar study methodology

The methodology of strange study English Spot took some to create a new method of study inspired by the University of Cambridge and the touch of the house that make it unique in the city of Miami.
“We take advantage of the brand’s trajectory to design a campaign that communicates its values through a message t

We also apply the principles of NLP

Motivation is a key factor and more when it comes to learning. Well, it is usually believed that mastering any language is a matter only of gifted people, but it is not like that. Our job was to make him understand the public in the digital environment.

The same NLP was an infallible resource for the campaign “learning English is possible.” We focus on highlighting the essence of the school. That is, strengthen offline education through digital channels.

The reason? According to a study by the European School of Business Management (EUDE), 90% of those who study online courses tend to abandon them. The rise of learning English in digital format does not escape the alarming figure.

However, there is always the right side. That is when we were able to strengthen this weakness to transform it into a strength that continued to improve the engagement that has already been built but aimed at the public in Miami that consumes face-to-face courses.

More than 3 thousand followers joined the community in a month with 30% growth .. All organic! The leads increased by approximately 15%. We managed to recover the confidence and attraction towards teaching English in a face-to-face manner in a world where online has gained enough ground.

As campaign philosophy, we conclude that both options are ideal according to the person. In fact, the brand also offers this service to those who do not live in Miami. Duality is one of the principles of D’Storymachine!

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