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Dental American Group

Fear as a myth

Halloween and oral hygiene day are essential dates for Dental American Group, a dental clinic in Miami. One is because it is part of the cultural DNA of the Americans, the other because it is inherent in the brand.

“Most people do not like going to a dentistry clinic for the simple fact that they are afraid of treatments.”

—Arieta, Creative Team

What did we do?

Our teams’ observation made the train of stories fly high in the campaign “Without fear to smile.” The concept was perfect for the season!

We recreated Halloween icons going to a dental appointment. This juxtaposition was the ideal excuse to deny the myth of the exacerbated pain of any oral treatment.

We formed a community

Dental American Group came to us because they needed “interaction in their social networks.” However, we explained that to do so, it was necessary to create a community. So we did that!

Through the joint strategy of organic resources and payments provided by social media platforms, we were able to achieve this campaign objective.

The amount of exposure went up three times. 24,069 impressions in Google and 91.375 in Facebook meant the leads increased four times according to the data of DAG, dating from 2018, the year in which they decided to get on the train with us.

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