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Context Medical Group

Context Medical Group is a medical center located in the heart of Hialeah, FL, that offers services for car accidents and slip and falls. Branding and accidents, were our focus, and we decided to focus on the problems and human situations rather than the business they produce.

According to data from the National Security Council (NSC), approximately 18,720 people died on U.S. roads between January and June of last year. Slips and falls were not left behind either, for the World Health Organization (UN) lists this as the second most common cause of accidental death.

We use humor to raise awareness

These figures are alarming, and we were dedicated to finding a way to communicate a message that makes people aware. However, nobody likes to be told: “you could die at any time.”

That’s why opted to use humor through the creation of a character. This was Eldem Alas, a subject whose luck is so bad that he would constantly be visiting Context Medical Group when unexpected things happened.

The majority claimed to want a kind of manual that explains how to prepare a natural mask. The bulb went on immediately! “Let’s make an ebook,” we said during our usual and frequent brainstorm.

Chance doesn’t exist

This was the main message we conveyed to make clear that Eldem Alas’s “bad luck” represented the reality for many careless and clumsy people:

“Our main goal was to focus on what was the real cause of accidents and through our message stimulate prevention.”

In fact, since everything has a cause and effect, we used comedy to dismantle myths. How did we do it? We recreated everyday situations, such as was suffering a fall in a mall next to a warning sign.
Other stories, like the attacks of fierce dogs or car accidents, were recreated for the same purpose.

Prevention through storytelling

Humans are machines full of stories, telling tales that other people don’t know is in our DNA. This time we focused on health care services and accidents, things that are part of all our lives.

At first glance, this subject could be a little boring, and that is why our team decided to turn it around. How? Storytelling! We generated content, using preventive communication blasted out through digital assets
(website, social media, email marketing).

Did the brand get leads?

Maybe you’re wondering if accidents are prevented, how can a private medical
center survive? Thanks to humor we generated empathy. We reached a total of 14000 people in Miami who received more than half of the messages to raise interest in the services of the clinic.

This population identified with our campaign so much that they decided to continue
their rehabilitation process in Context Medical Group.

“I had a traffic accident because I was writing a message on my phone instead of
watching the wheel; I feel like Elden Alas because my carelessness could’ve cost me my

—Albert, a patient of Context Media Group.

These type of comments allow us to affirm that the campaign achieved its
objectives without the need to practice old marketing techniques but instead by attracting
through identification as an indispensable resource.

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